Thank you for visiting our website! Practicelarp.net has been created as part of the Erasmus+ Partnership project “If I were in your shoes. The transformational power of good practice in larping”, running from June 2021 through June 2023. All partners involved in this project apply live-roleplaying and related practices in informal and/ or formal contexts to provide unique immersive experiences for participants, trainers and staff. These inclusive and holistic performative practices can be applied to a broad range of topics such as peace-building, conflict-solving, migration, democracy, etc. Enabled by the Erasmus+ partnership program, we had the chance to explore and exchange best-practice examples for two years.

Through this website, the interested public gets the chance to participate and benefit from our gained knowledge and creativity. Therefore we provide resources and materials to broaden your understanding of immersive transformational tools, such as edu-larp, theatre of the oppressed, drama-games, etc. We also recommend other materials for further reading.

Please get in touch with one of our partners in the consortium if you wish to share ideas, materials or best-practice examples! We are looking forward to hearing from you!

More about the partners

LMU Munich

The team of Munich University will bridge the gap between formal and non-formal education and contribute with expertise in the research and evaluation of the methods and tools. Their inputs will often be starting point for discussion on impact and adaptability as well as further development options for the methods.

Zavod BOB

Zavod Bob’s specialisation is youth and community related work. Therefore they use social games, simulations and role-plays as well as the implementation of LARPs. As special aspects they will focus on their work with youngsters with less opportunities and vulnerable groups.

Laboratorio 41

Laboratorio 41 from Italy with its large team of artists, writers, theatre professionals and musicians has a very strong connection to cultural practice and will provide expertise and creativity not only on this level but as well from the perspective of experience designers, human rights professionals and IT experts. Socially impacting and transformative events, both in presence and online are their speciality. Here the consortium can profit from their, and as well LMUs, experience concerning the actual need (lately triggered by the Corona-crisis) for methods transfer and further development of Educational approaches into the digital world.


The Swedish partner LajvVerkstaden is especially focused on art, design and concepts for the LARP method, bringing the special focus of Nordic-LARP and the work with immigrants. This is connecting as well with solar e.V.’s experience of using LARP and simulation techniques as a tool for the education on migration and inclusion issues.

Solar e.V.

Solar e.V. is a non-profit organisation working in the field of political education. We offer seminars, workshops and training to raise awareness of disempowerment, reflect on privilege, learn about power sharing & empowerment, climate change, inclusion migration and flight. We use non-formal, intersectional educational methods in our educational work for children, young people and adults. In the last three years we have developed the EduLARP "Minosia Labyrinth", an interactive educational tool on the topics of migration, flight and inclusion, which we played within the "If I were in your shoes" project during the first training activity in Brandenburg.

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